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Unless you are a citizen of an EU country, you will need a student visa in order to study in Poland as an international student. If you are from an EU member state, you will only need a valid ID and travel documents, and to register your residency with the Voivodship (Provincial) Office to study in Poland. All other international students will need a type D visa, which allows you to stay and study in Poland for one year. To stay longer you need to apply for a temporary residence permit before your visa expires. The type D visa allows you to stay in Poland for one year, so you will need to apply for a temporary residence permit in order to stay for longer, for example, if you’re studying a three-year bachelor’s program.

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    Once you have submitted your application and all of the required documents, it should take 15 days for your visa to be reviewed and for you to receive a response.

    Although this turnaround is pretty quick, you should still start your application way in advance of your departure date. In some cases, processing can take much longer, and delays can occur if you forget to include all your documents.