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Do you want to travel to Canada for business, tourism, fun, or other engagement? You definitely need a visit or tourist visa.Canada welcomes millions of visitors and tourists every year. Most of these people enter Canada with either a single or multiple entry visit visa.

We cannot over-emphasize the beauty, economy, and visitor-friendliness of Canada.Therefore, our goal as RCIC registered immigration consultants is to facilitate a successful visit visa application. And help you to avoid cases that might lead to rejection.

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    How Do We Help you?

    The process of obtaining a visitor or tourist visa to Canada is quite simple, yet competitive. As a result, it requires a high level of expertise from experienced consultants to achieve the desired results.

    Noble Consultancy critically review your documents, purpose of travel, available funds, and other itinerary provisions that might hinder you from getting an approval.

    After proper assessment, we will proceed to file our application professionally. And in the end, get the desired result. Our expertise, and results, over the years, have become our trademark.

    Documents required for your Canada Visitor/Tourist Visa Processing

    • Passport with a minimum validity date of at least 6 months
    • Documents to show your relationship to your country of residence
    • Bank statement to prove your financial capacity
    • Invitation letter (for individuals with relatives in Canada)
    • Health report
    • Purpose of visiting Canada

    Besides, you cannot work or study in Canada with the tourist visa. Generally, the visa takes about 30 days for complete processing. And you can travel alongside your children or dependent.

    Moreover, the Canada visit visa from Dubai is valid for 6 months.

    What are the Eligibility Factors to Apply for the Visa?

    To avoid a denial while applying for a visit visa to Canada, you need to satisfy the eligibility criteria below.

    • Proof to the visa officer that you have enough money to sustain you during your stay in Canada
    • Your application must not portray any intention to find a job in Canada
    • You should have no record of visa overstays or criminal activity
    Why Choose Noble Bridge Consultancy?

    Countless Benefits & Easy Processing

    Noble Bridge Consultancy to provide and promote quintessential standards in serving our customers and create the best value proposition for them. We believe in hiring and retaining the best talent that allows us to perform at the highest level of professional excellence build around the core values of integrity, honesty and innovation.

    Our Vision is to bring forth an advanced and united model of immigration services with an objective to offer realistic solutions to our clientele all over the world. Our team specialized with a dedicated team of lawyers and experienced immigration consultants which can help our valuable customers to make their dreams come through.