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If you are planning to visit Malta on a tourist visa, then you must know the visa requirements. Residents of EU/EEA nations do not require a visa to travel to Malta. They must register with the local authorities if their stay extends for more than 90 days.

If you are not an EU/EEA resident, you will need a short-term visa to visit Malta which is valid for 90 days. This short-term visa is also known as the Schengen visa. As you may be aware the Schengen visa is valid in all the European countries which are part of the Schengen agreement.  Malta is one of the countries under the Schengen agreement.

To apply for a Schengen visa from Dubai, you must submit a completed visa application form, along with required documents such as a valid passport, proof of travel health insurance, proof of accommodation, and proof of sufficient financial means. You must also provide a detailed itinerary, including information on the purpose of the trip, the planned activities, and the places to be visited, along with any other relevant details. It’s recommendable to submit the application as soon as possible and well in advance of the planned travel date.

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    About malta:

    An island country, Malta is located in the central Mediterranean Sea. Malta is officially known as the Republic of Malta.Three separate islands – Gozo, Comino, and Malta – together make up the Maltese islands.

    Strategically placed, Malta has a long history. In 1964, Malta secured independence from Britain and joined the Commonwealth. On December 13, 1974, Malta was declared a republic. Later, in 2004, Malta came to be a part of the European Union (EU).Valletta is the capital city of Malta. Birkirkara, however, is the largest town in the country.

    Title: Malta Tourist Visa: Application, Processing Time, Required Documents, and Fees

    Introduction :

    If you’re planning a visit to the stunning archipelago of Malta for tourism purposes, obtaining a tourist visa is crucial. This article provides a comprehensive guide to applying for a Malta tourist visa, including information on the application process, processing time, required documents, and applicable fees.

     Malta Tourist Visa Application

    To kick start your journey to Malta, it is essential to understand and follow the Malta tourist visa application process. Here are the steps to successfully apply for a Malta tourist visa:

    1. Research Requirements: Visit the official website of in your country to gather detailed information about the application process, including eligibility criteria and required documents.
    1. Complete Application Form: Obtain the Malta tourist visa application form, either from the website Fill out the form accurately, ensuring that the information matches the details on your supporting documents.
    1. Gather Required Documents: Collect the necessary documents, which typically include a valid passport, recent passport-sized photographs, flight itinerary, proof of accommodation, travel insurance, financial statements, and a cover letter explaining the purpose of your visit.
    1. Submit the Application: Schedule an appointment with in your country and submit your completed application form along with the supporting documents. Pay the application fee, if applicable.

     Malta Tourist Visa Processing Time

    Understanding the processing time for a Malta tourist visa is vital for effective trip planning. While the actual processing time may vary, consider the following factors:

    1. Embassy or Consulate: The processing time can vary depending on the workload and efficiency of the specific where you submitted your application.
    1. Time of Year: High tourist seasons and holidays may experience a higher volume of applications, potentially leading to longer processing times. Plan your application accordingly to avoid any delays.
    1. Application Complexity: The complexity of your application, such as the need for additional document verification or scrutiny, can also impact the processing time.
    1. Communication: Stay in touch with the embassy or consulate for updates on the status of your application. Some consular offices may provide tracking services to monitor the progress of your visa processing.

    Malta Tourist Visa Required Documents

    To support your Malta tourist visa application, you must provide several important documents. Here is a list of commonly required documents:

    1. Valid Passport: A passport with a validity of at least six months beyond your intended stay in Malta.
    1. Passport-Sized Photographs: Recent, color photographs that adhere to the specifications provided by the
    1. Flight Itinerary: A copy of your round-trip flight reservation or a detailed itinerary showing your travel dates and intended duration of stay in Malta.
    1. Proof of Accommodation: Hotel reservations or a letter of invitation from a host in Malta, providing details of your accommodation arrangements during your stay.
    1. Travel Insurance: Proof of travel medical insurance covering your entire stay in Malta, including medical expenses and repatriation.
    1. Financial Documents: Bank statements, proof of employment, or any other documents demonstrating your financial capability to cover your travel expenses.
    1. Cover Letter: A detailed cover letter explaining the purpose of your visit, your travel plans, and any other relevant information.

     Malta Tourist Visa Fees

    When applying for a Malta tourist visa, you will be required to pay certain fees. The specific amount may vary depending on your nationality and the type of visa you are applying for. Here are some key points regarding visa fees:

    1. Embassy or Consulate Fees: Contact in your country to determine the exact visa fee applicable to your case. They will provide you with the most up-to-date information.
    1. Payment Method: Check the accepted payment methods for visa fees, as some consular offices may require payment online.
    1. Non-refundable: Visa fees are typically non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of your application. Ensure you meet all the requirements before submitting your payment.


    By familiarizing yourself with the Malta tourist visa application process, processing time, required documents, and fees, you can confidently embark on your journey to explore the picturesque beauty and rich history of Malta. Remember to plan your application well in advance, gather all the necessary documents, and stay informed about the progress of your visa processing. With these insights, you’ll be well-prepared to make the most of your visit to this captivating Mediterranean destination.