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The nation has great economic development, with tourism and the textile, naval, food and electronic industries being the basis of the national economy.

For longer courses, it is necessary to enter the country with a confirmation of enrollment with a maximum duration of 90 days for the tourist visa to be issued at the entrance of the country. Once the course has started, the student needs to apply for a visa extension, in other words, the exchange for the LONG STAY “D” student visa, which will be issued for a maximum stay of 365 days. This visa can only be requested in Malta in case there is no Malta Consulate in the student country.


Malta is a paradise destination and meets the expectations of all ages. Despite it’s a small island, there is a lot to do in Malta if you plan to do a short or long term studies. Famous for its natural landscapes, the island still offers plenty of entertainment, especially when it comes to nightlife. If you want to study in Malta for more than 90 days, you need to understand how to extend a student visa there.

Malta Study Visa

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    International students who wish to be a student in Malta are required to obtain a study Visa before beginning their studies. The process of obtaining a Malta study permit can vary depending on the institution of study and the specific circumstances of the case.

    To apply for a visa extension, the student must attend the Central Visa Unit personally, which is Malta’s visa center. It is recommended that the student request the extension of the course in the first 2 weeks after arriving in the country.

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