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The island nation of Malta is a popular destination for expatriates as well as international businesses.If your company is planning to expand operations to Malta, you’ll probably want to relocate a talented group of existing employees and hire some new team members abroad. While working in Malta certainly comes with its advantages, you’ll need to ensure that any foreign employees you hire have the appropriate visas and permits to do so legally.


If you’re not sure how to get a work visa in Malta, you run the risk of operational delays and even fees if your company is noncompliant with the local laws and regulations. Malta offers a variety of visas for foreign nationals, including tourist visas, business visas, and visas for medical purposes.

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    Short-Stay Visa, or C Visa:

    The short-stay visa is a type of Schengen visa, which means it allows foreign nationals to enter multiple countries within the Schengen area. This Malta work permit visa is available in three forms to accommodate single entries, double entries, and multiple entries. The C visa allows the holder to remain in Malta for up to three months regardless of how many entries are allowed.

    Long-Stay Visa, or D Visa:

     The D visa allows foreign nationals to stay in Malta for more than three months. This is the visa foreign employees will need to live and work in Malta for an extended period of time. Individuals who are traveling to Malta to study will need a D visa as well.

    It is the employer’s responsibility to apply for an employment license on behalf of any foreign workers, so they should begin this process in the meantime. The employer should submit the relevant documents to the Employment and Training Corporation in Malta and pay any applicable fees. Upon approval of both applications, the employee may travel to Malta and begin working.

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    Applying for a Malta Work Visa Online

    Gone are the days of cumbersome paperwork and lengthy queues. Applying for a Malta work visa has been streamlined with the advent of online application systems. Whether you are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere else in the UAE, you can conveniently apply for a Malta work visa online. By visiting the official Maltese government’s visa application portal, you can access the necessary forms and submit your application electronically. This method saves time and ensures that your application reaches the relevant authorities promptly.

    Malta Work Visa Price

    Understanding the financial implications of applying for a Malta work visa is crucial. The cost associated with obtaining a work visa for Malta includes application fees, processing fees, and any additional charges for documentation or supporting materials. While these fees may vary depending on your specific circumstances and the type of work visa you require, it is advisable to consult the official Maltese government’s visa website or seek guidance from professional consultancy firms to obtain accurate information regarding visa costs.

    How to Apply for a Malta Work Visa

    The application process for a Malta work visa can appear complex, but with the right guidance, it can be simplified. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

    1. Determine the visa category: Identify the appropriate visa category based on the nature of your employment in Malta.

    2. Gather the required documents: Compile all the necessary documents, such as your passport, proof of employment, educational certificates, and a clean criminal record.

    3. Fill out the application form: Access the online application portal and complete the form accurately, providing all the requested information.

    4. Submit supporting documents: Upload the required supporting documents, ensuring they meet the specified format and file size requirements.

    5. Pay the visa fees: Make the payment for the application and processing fees using the designated online payment methods.

    6. Track your application: Utilize the tracking system provided by the Maltese government to monitor the progress of your visa application.

    Malta Work Visa Processing Time

    Understanding the processing time for a Malta work visa is essential to plan your relocation accordingly. While the actual processing time can vary depending on the workload of the relevant authorities and the complexity of your case, it typically takes between several weeks to a few months to receive a decision on your visa application. However, by ensuring that all required documents are submitted accurately and promptly, you can expedite the process.

    The Role of Consultancy Services for Malta Work Visas

    Navigating the intricacies of the visa application process can be overwhelming, especially when you have limited knowledge and experience. This is where consultancy services play a crucial role. Reputable consultancy firms, such as Noble Bridge Consultancy, specialize in assisting individuals in securing work visas for Malta from the UAE. They possess the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the application process, ensuring compliance with all requirements and increasing your chances of a successful outcome.