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Canada offers permanent residence programs for everyone

skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and investors. So one need not get discouraged if he is not qualified in one particular category. An attentive search and correspondence with an experienced immigration advisor will make the task of choosing the right immigration category in which to apply for a Canada permanent residence visa much easier.

Canada is the second largest country in the world and has a wealth of natural resources. Aerospace, IT, Tourism, Real estate, Hospitality, infrastructure, and automobile manufacturing industries provide an abundance of business, investment, and employment opportunities for prospective immigrants.

    Here are some things you should consider when choosing a Canadian immigration consultant in UAE

    • Make sure to check the company’s records and reputation before hiring an immigration consultancy in Dubai. Verify their legitimacy by asking for references from previous clients.
    • It is always imperative to verify whether your immigration consultant in Dubai has Lawyers certified by the ICCRC.
    • It is imperative that reputable immigration consultants are active on their social media accounts and stay connected with their clients.
    • A tiny mistake can lead to your application being terminated. Therefore, it’s better to verify the authenticity of immigration consultants. Look for testimonials written or videotaped by previous clients.

      In addition to expediting immigration, the Visa program helps the country reach its economic goals. From a short-term work permit to permanent residence and citizenship. Our dedicated lawyers’ team for each category manages your application from the beginning until it is successfully completed.

    As a permanent resident of Canada, you have numerous other benefits too

    • You are entitled to equal treatment and protection.
    • You are entitled to certain legal rights, such as being presumed innocent until proven guilty
    • To be provided with an interpreter in the courtroom, if necessary to have a lawyer
    • You have the right to enter and exit Canada as you see fit, plus you can move freely from province to province.
    • You can work and study anywhere you choose in Canada.

    There is no doubt that moving to another country is not an easy thing, and it can seem like a never-ending process. It is here that the best immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE, Noble Bridge Consultancy come into play.

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    Benefits of hiring an immigration consultant for a Visa in Dubai, UAE

    • Error-free and smooth process
    • You don’t need to research immigration rules and restrictions.
    • Save time and energy.
    • High chances of success.
    • Explore the best available options for your profile.
    • Our team is always aware of the latest rules and regulations for Canada visas.
    • Each step of the process is communicated to you.
    • We will refund 100% of your paid amount if the process is not completed from our side.